Corporate Social Responsibility
CSR Think Tank

What is CSR?

“The continuing commitment by Business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life, of the workforce and their families as well of the local community and society at large”*
*World Business Council for Sustainable Development

What is Sustainability?

“A business approach that creates long-term shareholder value by embracing opportunities and managing risks derived from economic, environmental and social developments.”*
*DoW Jones Sustainability Index

European Union Message on CSR

In October 2011 the European Commission published a new policy on corporate social responsibility
It states that to fully meet their social responsibility, enterprises “should have in place a process to integrate social, environmental, ethical and human rights concerns into their business operations and core strategy in close collaboration with their stakeholders”.
The aim is both to enhance positive impacts – for example through the innovation of new products and services that are beneficial to society and enterprises themselves – and to minimise and prevent negative impacts.

Sphere of CSR

Sustainability Value Chain

How businesses are driving Corporate Philanthropy and Value Creation

But – companies need partners to accomplish these objectives

How Medi-Compass can partner with you?

Medi-Compass, a unique concept on wellness, is launching a set of solutions to assist you achieve your CSR goals aligning the objectives of doing good as well as extending your Brand.
This combination ensures that there is clear ROI on the money you spend.
We have two focus areas in this respect:
FOCUS ON YOUR BIGGEST ASSET ~ Your Employees: It’s all about the people we have in our organization. This is a well known fact that happy and healthy employees have a direct influence on the company image and profitability.

Hence, we believe that one of the most important foci of your CSR budget ought to be your employees and their families.
Dedicated research has proven that medical costs and absenteeism costs fall significantly with wellness programs. Healthy staff and employees perform better when they enjoy optimum health. Wellness programs integrated into business culture are effective in bringing down overall costs, attracting a finer quality of employees, improvement in job performance and reduced turnover, lower rates of absenteeism and loss of productive work time, and boosting the morale of employees.

At Medi-Compass, we aspire to partner with you by offering evidence based and high quality integrated services. We offer you the unprecedented advantage of assessments at the convenience of your workplace. Workshops and health seminars based on health concerns specific to the company can be designed to further accentuate information and motivate healthy behaviors.

SPONSOR A LARGER AND BROADER AWARENESS CAMPAIGN: A lot of responsible companies have set themselves KPIs to create a positive impact on the communities they operate in on a scale beyond their employees.

This mandate may include touching school children for oral and hand hygiene or adults across the divide on benefits of drinking clean water or eating a balanced diet and making healthier food choices; so on and so forth.

Medi-Compass has the network and reach and a unique combination of health specialists to partner with you to help you reach your targets across a multitude of these areas in the UAE as well as within the GCC.

We can tailor the program to provide you the reach as well as access to uncluttered target audience to meet your targets and create a strong Brand impression at the same time.