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Total Solutions

Medi-Compass, a unique concept on wellness, has a set of solutions to assist you achieve your organizational goals. Whether you are seeking to reduce company healthcare expenditure, enhance the wellbeing of your staff, boost employee morale, or optimize your CSR initiative ( Read more about Medi-Compass and CSR); Medi-Compass offers a series health and wellness strategies that can be tailor made to suit your organizations needs.

Corporate Health Audit:

Where does your organization stand in terms of employee wellness policy ? How do you benchmark against international standards? What are your organizations strengths? And how can you quickly, effectively, and economically turn your workplace into a Corporate Cares Culture. To book an onsite audit please email:


We cover a whole range of organizational surveys that can be conducted online at the click of a button. Feel the pulse of your staff. What are they thinking? What are their concerns? Be in a winning situation by responding to their true needs. To request a tailor-made survey please email:

Wellness Solutions:

Whether you are a large corporate office, or a small to medium sized business; Medi-Compass can help you identify the key triggers that are related to employee downtime and increased health-related expenditure. Solutions are tailor-made depending on the nature of work of the employees, your current health plan and budget. To learn more about which Wellness Solution will work best for your company, please email:

Corporate Wellness Index:

Medi-Compass, using its unique tools and calculated formulae is able to provide you with a Wellness Score for your organization, enabling you get a good insight into your current Corporate Health and setting up KPI's to improve your Corporate Wellness Score next year round. For more information please email:

Health Assessment Profiling:

Medi-Compass partners with some of the best health care providers in the region and internationally, to bring wellness assessments and expertise to your doorstep. Whether it is a General Health Assessments, Nutritional analysis, Fitness assessment, Stress, or Ergonomic work station assessments,; Medi-Compass has the right alliances in place to bring what you need, where you need, at a reasonable cost. To book onsite profiling please email:

Health Care consulting:

If you would like to tap into our tank of Healthcare expertise for your on-going projects please send us an email at :


Medi-Compass carries out a series of Corporate and Graduate workshops and lectures. For more information please send an email to: